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dhc Announces New Partnership with The FD Centre

dhc Announces new Partnership with

the FD Centre

Software provider & financial service supplier work together to offer their clients complimentary financial health check.


dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, today announced its business partnership with financial director service suppliers the FD Centre.  The two organisations will work closely together in order to provide complimentary financial health checks to their clients, assisting them to improve their business processes in today’s tough financial climate.

Established in 2001, the FD Centre is the largest and most respected provider of part time financial directors in the UK, providing the advanced skill set of finance directors from large corporations, to the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. With this partnership, dhc and the FD Centre are now able to offer their clients a complimentary financial health check, a service that many organisations may profit from in the recent economic downturn. By opting for the unique financial health check businesses will spend time with an experienced finance director, receive a comprehensive guide to improving their current business, receive assistance in the creation of future plans, and benefit from an in-depth examination of a business area or department of their choice.

“In these difficult times, many businesses know they may be missing something in their financial control and strategy, are aware that they should make improvements, but aren’t sure which way to go,” said the FD Centre’s Managing Director, Sara Daw.  “A fresh pair of eyes is often the solution that would help move their business to the next level and this is where we come in. With dhc’s help we can target mutual clients who would benefit from this service and help them find a way through the pressures and restrictions of the current economic climate.”

“Combining the FD Centre’s financial expertise with our software experience and understanding has proved very valuable to our mutual customers,” explained dhc’s Director, Matt Garman. “Although the partnership has only been in place for a few months we’ve already seen a good pick-up for the financial health check offer with potential leads progressing into mutual client accounts. As a valued partner, we recommend the FD Centre to all our clients and in return they do the same for us.”


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