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The FD Centre launches third new webinar designed to help UK companies get the most from their banking relationship

Part time Finance Director specialist, The FD Centre has published its latest webinar, designed to help UK businesses get the most from their banking relationship in order to increase revenue and profits.  In these times of economic uncertainty, the advice offered by James Nicholson-Smith, Regional Director for the West Midlands, is available for free viewing and can be accessed directly on the FD Centre website.  It is intended to help companies gain a greater appreciation of the role of their banks and understand how they can help their business to thrive, rather than looking at banks as the enemy which refuses to lend and refuses to help.

As an experienced part time FD imparting financial advice, the new webinar led by Mr Nicholson-Smith has been designed not simply to help companies ride the financial storm, but to safeguard against risk and drive real growth.  In order to do so, the FD Centre’s latest webinar helps businesses to identify the banking support they require, advising how they can build a mutually beneficial relationship with the bank that has a positive impact on their revenue.

With experience of supplying part time finance directors to UK business with an annual turnover of £1 million – £25 million, the FD Centre is the ideal interim Finance Director solution, supporting businesses to build exceptional finance departments. When it comes to getting the most from your banking relationship the role of the part-time Finance Director is critical.  James Nicholson-Smith – one of the founders of the FD Centre – imparts the benefit of this FD experience in building banking relationships, explaining the role of a Relationship Manager and how to ensure bank support when you need it most.  He dispels myths about banking services that can hamper the relationship building process and advises how entrepreneurs can make their bank work for them, explaining the importance of the role of the Relationship Manager.

The FD Centre provides companies who either can’t afford to, or don’t need to have a full-time financial director on board with access to a national team of part time FDs ready with practical advice on how to grow as a business rather than simply survive.  The free online webinar series helps identify areas of concern enabling entrepreneurs to adopt cash flow measures that will have a positive impact on revenue whilst identifying areas of risk and helping companies understand what will work for them.

The banking webinar opens with how The FD Centre can help your business when it comes to building your banking relationship and finishes by offering businesses useful hints and tips intended to alleviate the financial stresses and strains faced by entrepreneurs in the current economic climate.

With talks of a ‘double dip recession’ and further cut backs and job losses, it’s never been more important to ensure you’re getting the most from your banking service.  The FD Centre  online webinars are available to  companies free of charge and provide invaluable financial reassurance and advice that will set them on the right path towards growth.

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