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Free Webinar Series Launched By Network of Finance Directors for Businesses Looking to Grow Not Just Survive

According to the latest data from The Insolvency Index, small and medium enterprises up and down the country are still struggling to get to grips with current trading conditions. The report, by credit reference agency Experian, showed an increase in the number of businesses being declared insolvent in May this year, up by 19% on 2010. With no sign of the crisis abating, one specialist resource centre has created a unique package of free webinar tutorials, led by experienced finance directors with more than 2000 years worth of combined experience.

The Insolvency Report shows that insolvencies are at particularly high levels in the East Midlands, London, Yorkshire and Scotland and across a number of industries including health, building and construction. No single sector or size of business is immune.  The FD Centre, a provider of part time finance directors to SMEs with annual turnovers of £2m to £30m, has enlisted the help of finance experts with proven financial risk and financial management backgrounds to create a series of detailed webinars covering essential topics such as improving cashflow, identifying optimum profit centres and making the most of banking resources. The key message throughout is that mastering cash management is critical to growth, not just a quick fix when times are tough.

Sara Daw, managing director at The FD Centre said, “Identifying every area of weakness and every possible opportunity within a finance function is the only way to assure business longevity. If every business owner understood the risks they face operating their business and had a strategy to overcome those risks, the business success rate in the UK would be vastly improved. At the same time, our research shows that it’s actually a disadvantage for MDs and CEOs to try and juggle leadership duties with financial functions.

“Our webinar series is intended as a starting point to identify areas for concern and to help entrepreneurs understand more about the implications of adopting cashflow management measures to drive growth and guard against major risks. They are completely free to access and can be viewed online. Each includes a checklist of essential operations to perform and questions to ask.”

The FD Centre was the first company in the UK to provide part time FDs and is now the largest and most respected provider of interim financial directors in Great Britain. The first of its webinars focuses on cashflow management and demonstrates the company’s first hand experience controlling over £2 billion of combined turnover for its clients.

Led by Andy Collier, the first webinar, on cashflow management, tackles issues including basic forecasting techniques, how to project profit and loss, typical issues with cashflow projections, what to do in the event of a cashflow forecast indicating a shortage of cash, managing funders, working with debtors and sources of cash.

Research by The FD Centre’s part-time finance directors shows that 4 out of 5 businesses failing do so due to poor cash flow management. Ms Daw added, “For any business owner, MD or CEO nervous about working with payroll, unsure how to spot peaks and troughs within trading patterns or concerned about cashflow, our webinars are a practical, detailed and accessible starting point for dealing with the issue. They provide a useful illustration of how a part time FD with big business experience can help accelerate growth patterns and guard against the major risks that are more apparent today than ever before.”

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