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Kick Start 2012 With A Part Time Financial Director

As the old saying goes, it never rains but it pours. After Britain managed to struggle out of recession, it finds itself on the brink of economic hardship once more, with storm clouds gathering to make for tough trading conditions in 2012. Figures suggest that growth in Europe will dip by 1.5% as a mixed consequence of people’s lack of spending and the mounting Eurozone crisis. Businesses are facing a tough year trying to acclimatise worsening conditions. The FD Centre are the UK’s biggest and most trusted supplier of part-time financial directors to companies with a turnover between £1m and £25m, who possess the skills necessary to weather the economic storm and help to kick start 2012 in a profitable and productive way.

With services such as improving cash flow, aiding tax efficiency, tightening internal controls and planning exit strategies, the interim financial directors who work in partnership with The FD Centre have vast expertise in the field of finance. Having previously worked with big names such as Tesco and Dell, and with combined experience of an incredible 2000 years in the business, the financial directors on the books are committed to improving the financial arms of every company they are drafted into.

Likened to the prospect of having another board member, a part time FD can provide back-up as well as introducing companies to new ways of running their business and funding growth from within. These are important things to learn in a time when austerity is key; loans will be harder to come by in the coming years which will exacerbate cashflow problems for SMEs and increase the burden on employees as managers are forced to demand more of their staff.

Taking on a financial director is a constructive step for any company wishing to get 2012 off to a flying start. The coming year will be a make or break year for many businesses after seeing out the hardships of recent years, and some companies may need all the help they can get to prepare for the adverse and unpredictable times ahead.


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