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The forecast for Britain’s economy looks bleak. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said economic activity across OECD countries, including the UK, is at its weakest in two years and Standard Chartered Bank predicts that Britain will plunge deeper into recession than previously thought. The mounting Eurozone crisis is expected to affect the area adversely, causing contraction of approximately 1.5%. People’s lack of spending because they need to repay debt is slowing down growth in the UK. There are worrying times ahead for many businesses across the country, but there are steps which can be taken to hold off the effects of the recession. The FD Centre, one of the fastest growing UK companies and the first of its kind in the country, have vast experience of providing part-time financial directors to companies in need of assistance organising their finances.

The interim financial directors provided by The FD Centre have worked with big names such as Tesco, Laura Ashley and Dell in assisting with the financial aspect of their businesses. Bringing in specialist help ahead of a recession is one way to ensure the business stays streamlined and limber. To help this process, an initial review of the business is conducted through analysis of metrics such as cashflow, profit maximisation, exit strategies and tax efficiency. With the prospect of recession looming once more, these areas can always be improved upon – making now the best possible time to recruit an experienced advisor to take charge and assist with all financial aspects of the business without incurring the wages of a full-time employee.

Help with investment is also on hand from experts who have done it all before. Even relatively simple tasks such as taking the time to research the services provided and liaise with the bank to keep them ‘on side’, consolidating outbound payments and devising strategies to improve cash flow are all part of the service. These are all ways to keep the recession at bay, and all areas in which a part time financial director can have an impact.

Part-time FDs can also help to create bullet-proof business plans that are sure to last much longer than the impending recession. This may be a tough economic period for the UK, and indeed, the world, but taking the small step of hiring an interim financial advisor can give businesses a distinct advantage as it navigates the economic crisis.


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