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Adnan Haroon, Principal – Halton/Peel

Adnan Haroon, Principal – Halton/Peel
Picture of Adnan Haroon, Principal – Halton/Peel

Adnan Haroon, Principal – Halton/Peel

Adnan Haroon, Principal – Halton/Peel

Adnan has over 25 years of diversified banking experience, ranging from Finance, Audit, Risk Management, Governance & Control, Compliance & Regulatory reporting, Business & Trade, Human Resource, Corporate Real Estate. He is a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan and Certified Strategic Management Performance System from the George Washington University. He is a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan and Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant England & Wales.

Throughout his career, Adnan has been in various C-level roles that include CEO, CFO, COO, and Head of Project Implementation. Adnan also led Asset & Liability Committee, Risk Committee as well as People. He has worked for global financial institutions including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, and completed articleship with KPMG.

Adnan’s successes include the acquisition of bank, turning a money losing business into one generating a profit in just a short span of time by utilizing his strong customer and staff connectivity. He deep dives into customer need and connects the dots to get the best for customers. Adnan is a team player, and engages in events to promote team as well as diversification. With his business acumen, he also engaged various vendors and provided cost effective solutions to the business. His key strength is turn complainants into complement by providing exceptional service to customers.

Adnan is passionate about volunteering activities and has been on the school board for 2 years and also in Finance/Campus Committees. He also involved in various social & welfare activities.


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