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Craig Eckman – Principal, Vancouver

Craig Eckman – Principal, Vancouver
Picture of Craig Eckman – Principal, Vancouver

Craig Eckman – Principal, Vancouver

Craig Eckman – Principal, Vancouver 

Craig specializes in navigating growth inflection points and leading business transformation for small to mid-sized organizations. He is known for being a trusted partner who shapes and operationalizes strategy, striving to achieve a win-win in all dealings and serving as the calm hand in high-stakes or ambiguous situations. Craig leads the way through, and rolls up his sleeves to do whatever is necessary to succeed.

Craig, a CPA and CA, brings 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. Fifteen of those years were spent in close partnership with the entrepreneurial CEO of Focus Investment Group (FIG), a fund of hedge funds. As CFO, he led strategic planning and back-office operations, including finance, compliance, human resources and legal. Craig guided the organization through major maturation points. He built a strong infrastructure to enable the business to navigate and optimize opportunity during a bullish period—doubling assets under management to $1 billion. He then helped reinvent the business and spin-off the firm’s intellectual property into the startup Vidrio Financial, a software as a service company for institutional investors managing alternative investments. As a member of the management team responsible for the launch of Vidrio, Craig played a lead role in the business transformation that enabled early-stage milestones, including the first round of capital investment, acquisition of large multi-national clients and hiring of critical talent.

The foundation for his skills came from bread-and-butter finance and accounting at PricewaterhouseCoopers out of Bermuda and a mid-sized accounting firm in Vancouver called Thorne Little Chartered Accountants. He credits his early career change into finance from the commercial printing industry as giving him perspectives that became part of his management style, including an agile operations mindset, a balance between a real openness to fresh ideas and risk taking with a deep pragmatism, and an emphasis on relationships and team building.




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