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Isaac Osiel – Principal, York Simcoe

Isaac Osiel – Principal, York Simcoe
Picture of Isaac Osiel – Principal, York Simcoe

Isaac Osiel – Principal, York Simcoe

Isaac Osiel – Principal, York Simcoe

Isaac has been a senior financial professional (CPA, CA) and an entrepreneurial leader in both small and large sized organizations for over 20 years.  He has vast experience in both public and privately owned companies including Redknee Solutions, Redline Communications, Rogers, Bell Canada and Westbury National.  Isaac has a wide range of industry experience working in Software SAAS Technology, Telecom, Retail, Construction, Franchise and Affiliate Marketing organizations.

Isaac also has experience with IPOs (TSX and AIM), acquisitions and integrations, ERP implementations, project cost analysis and contracts.  He has led all public compliance filings and audits in addition to introducing, documenting and implementing effective and efficient policies and procedures.  Isaac gets out from behind his desk to learn the business, to understand the story behind the numbers and to harness untapped opportunities.  He will drive improvements in reports and analyses, systems and processes.  Isaac is a superb talent developer and a champion of improving the finance departmental standards.

Isaac is a passionate finance professional who collaborates with executive leaders to develop and drive strategic operational initiatives.  He helps to establish operating business plans as well as capital and financial budgets/forecasts.  He is a highly organized change agent with the capacity to deliver results and creatively solve complex problems.

Isaac has been characterized as a trusted advisor who demonstrates mental toughness, objectivity and the ability to execute.  He operates through superior partnering skills and inspires confidence with senior management, peers and staff.  He is extremely approachable and never shy to ask the right questions.


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