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Jim Scott – Principal, Toronto

Jim Scott – Principal, Toronto
Picture of Jim Scott – Principal, Toronto

Jim Scott – Principal, Toronto

Jim Scott – Principal, Toronto

Jim has over 35 years of experience in the finance area, with extensive experience in taxation, financial modelling, project evaluation and risk management.  He is an experienced negotiator, both in Canada (aboriginal) and internationally (on special assignment for the United Nations), and has taught accounting and risk management at major Canadian universities.  Jim is also experienced in the issues facing smaller startup companies, including optimizing government assistance, structuring venture investment and conducting research through sponsored research contracts with Canadian universities.

Jim’s background is in the mining industry, where he worked for the Mining Specialty Group of Price Waterhouse and for Inco Limited, one of Canada’s largest mining companies.  He also led the Centre of Excellence in Mining, Metals and Minerals at the Schulich Executive Education Centre, and is currently working with the University of Toronto on their mining education program.  At Inco, he led the financial modelling function, preparing the models for multi-billion-dollar projects in Labrador and New Caledonia, and was the primary liaison with the Audit Committee of the Inco Board of Directors in his capacity of Chief Audit Executive.

Most recently, Jim has served as the CFO of PRISED Solar Inc., a Canadian nanotech company in the solar industry which he co-founded.  He and his team have taken PRISED through first stage financing and proof of technical concept through Patent Cooperation Treaty registration.  Jim was instrumental in obtaining government financing and in negotiating research contracts with the University of Toronto, McGill and UBC.

Jim obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto (specialist designation in computer science).  He is also a Canadian Chartered Accountant / CPA, a US Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Internal Auditor (W.S. Smith Award) and holds a certification in Risk Management Assurance.


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