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John Giove – Principal, Montreal

John Giove – Principal, Montreal
Picture of John Giove – Principal, Montreal

John Giove – Principal, Montreal

John Giove – Principal, Montreal

John  has 35  years of experience in finance  and operations management. Recognized in the food industry as a turnaround expert and successful entrepreneur.  He  has held positions as CFO, CEO and COO over the last 25 years in the food industry and previous to this a  career  in public practice with a major accounting firm . John has completed requests for financing, government grants , expansion projects,  preparation of  public stock offerings and merger & acquisition files.

In 2002 John  took on the reins and became  shareholder  of a  Quebec based bottled sauce manufacturer in financial difficulty. With less than 15 employees and $ 4 million in sales  , he grew the company to 75 employees with over  $25 million in sales in less than 5 year. In 2007  John  sold the Company to a well known public Company in Quebec for $20 million.

In 2009 John invested in another insolvent company in the pizza industry in the State of New York, with a capital injection of $2 million funded mostly by Canadian banks, at a time when the world economy was under financial crisis. Borrowing during the financial crisis was no easy task, but borrowing from a Canadian bank to finance a US Company in financial distress was an even bigger challenge. In December 2010 , after just 2 years,  John  sold the business for an enterprise value of $ 9 million USD to a major US pizza crust manufacturer.

Throughout his career, John  has demonstrated expertise in  human capital and he credits his success today to what he has coined  the “Party Principal” . People are the number one reason a company will succeed or fail. If you want a good party, you invite the  right people . If you want to build a good company…then hire the right people. .. That’s the Party Principal !

John  holds a Bachelor of  Commerce degree from Concordia and  has his Chartered Accountant Designation (CPA, CA) since 1984.  Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year  in 2006 by Ernst & Young .


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