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Marc Chartrand – Montréal

Marc Chartrand – Montréal
Picture of Marc Chartrand  – Montréal

Marc Chartrand – Montréal

Marc Chartrand – Montréal

Marc has 33 years of experience in financial and operational management. He practiced in an accounting firm for 26 years, including 21 years as a partner and thereafter as a part-time CFO for 7 years, serving small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, he was involved in funding projects, helped to manage growths and declines, reduced tax impacts, negotiated with tax authorities, settled different types of conflicts, prepared business evaluations, helped negotiation when acquiring or selling companies, integrated employees into shareholding structure and prepared and integrated an employee incentive plan.

Marc is a caring and discreet person and a good listener and advisor.

He holds a Bachelor of Administration degree from Concordia University and earned the title of CPA, CA in 1985.


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