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Sylvie Le Bouthillier – Principal, Ottawa-Gatineau

Sylvie Le Bouthillier – Principal, Ottawa-Gatineau
Picture of Sylvie Le Bouthillier – Principal, Ottawa-Gatineau

Sylvie Le Bouthillier – Principal, Ottawa-Gatineau

Sylvie Le Bouthillier – Principal, Ottawa-Gatineau

Sylvie began her career with KPMG Montreal, where she earned her CPA, CA designation. Her knowledge was accelerated by embracing difficult challenges, resulting in a broad based career, spanning from driving Finance departments to their next levels, to working with executives on holistic business strategies and Finance projects (M&A, processes & systems). Sylvie has over 25 years experience mainly in Canada and the US but also in Europe, in French or English, with local/small to international  organizations, including non-for-profits.

Her solution-driven and forward-thinking, as well as her leadership, organization, expertise, passion and energy have been applauded. Sylvie also continually focuses on improvement and results, ensuring management and team members are working both efficiently and together towards the same goals; and doing so with a mission to add value via the people, processes, policies, controls and systems.

As an employee, she was recognized for highly successful contributions to companies in such industries as Services, Construction engineering (Balfour Betty), healthcare (Sterling Healthcare), Bombardier, Government (Shelby County Government, 6B expenses, 7 cities) and IT/Strategy consulting (DMR, later bought by Fujitsu and R3D).

As a consultant, she was recognized for exceeding client’s expectations on key positions of major successful transformation initiatives, mostly on Finance and Back-office projects, in various industries (most recently medical manufacturing), in various areas including Budget, Reporting/KPIs, Process re-engineering, Policies & Procedures, Project management, ERP System implementation, Purchasing, M&A, Sales, Logistic/Supply Chain and Customer Service.

In addition to her love of adding value to business, Sylvie is involved with several not-for-profits of various sizes and missions, as giving back is of utmost importance to her. When working in the US, she spent several years on the Board of the top 3 ranked YMCA of the nation (350 employees), but was/is also on smaller Boards. She volunteered many years at the Ronald McDonald house in Memphis TN (hosting 50 international families of St-Judes patients (kids with cancer), and will continue to put charity work on her list of priorities.



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