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A Part Time Financial Director ‘As Essential As a New Computer’ Advises Experts

2011 will be consigned to the history books as having been an extremely tough year for business organisations in the UK, with around 183 retailers going into administration last year (a 10% rise on 2010)  and many more on the critical list in 2012. With so many facing difficulties and the ever present threat of an economic slowdown on the horizon, recruiting a full time member of staff to handle tasks like building a great banking relationship or deal with tax planning is more than likely not in the budget. But, a finance professional is now more than ever an essential element of any business’ tool kit and could be a crucial factor in the success or failure of many firms in 2012 warns one expert.

The FD Centre is one the country’s fastest growing providers of part time FDs. It gives small and medium sized companies with turnovers of £1 million – £25 million access to experienced financial directors without the cost associated with recruiting a specialised full time staff member. Coupling financial savvy with a combined total of more than 2000 years experience, help from a part time finance director is a prudent play for those who survived 2011 with growth ambitions firmly in tact.

Sara Daw, FD Centre Managing Director said, “Taking on a part time financial director is a beneficial move for any company wishing to get 2012 off to a positive start and maintaining successful outcomes throughout the year. A part time FD can serve as an anchor, with influence in a number of different areas to ensure that all aspects of financial functions are being carried out appropriately and the tools for success are implemented well in advance.”

Feeding in to this is the fact that one of the most overlooked factors in a downturn is the upturn. When times are tough, all energies are focused on the immediate future rather than planning for an improved economy. With a focus on survive rather than thrive, it’s all the more difficult to grow and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. A part time FD will take this into account, helping to structure the business for the now and the then as well as dealing with more pressing matters such as establishing a strong working relationship with the bank, efficient tax planning, reporting, compliance and managing risk.

Sara Daw added, “With so many potential areas of expertise to take advantage of, recruiting an experienced Financial Director on a part time basis should be right at the top of any small to medium sized company currently operating without a FD’s To Do list. A part time finance director is more important to ambitious growth businesses in these times than just about any other new hire.”

Controlling over £2 billion in combined turnover, The FD Centre excels in helping others to thrive. To find out more and arrange a free consultation, visit  or call 0870 011 1499.


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